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ITSS, NGO has been established to work for the upliftment of the people in general and with a due attention towards the weaker section including Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes, other Underprivileged sections of the society and the like in particular irrespective of their age, religion, caste, creed, place of birth etc. ITSS has been dedicating all its effort for the welfare of the people in the field of Education, Health, Culture, Re-habilitation works, Vocational Training, Welfare service for the aged restitutes.

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Welcome to ITSS NGO, An organisation for S.T., S.C. and O.B.C. rural and urban development,which Regd. under Society Act. XXI of 1860, Govt. of Assam ,as well as we has been invited to young generation members to participant as volunteers for their area Development under Society Act. & as per rural development process, for more details please call at +91-98640-18863 or E-mail at itss.org@gmail.com

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The Founder

ITSS,NGO is a Non-Political, Non-Sectarian and Non-Profit Making organization dedicated for the development of society with high preference to backward classes of the society.ITSS established on 20 March 2009, But, Registered under society Act. XXI 0f 1860, Govt. of Assam, Regd.No.RS/SPR/242/D/26/10-11 on 22nd June 2010 by the founder, Sri Priya Kumar Deuri,Chief Functionary and Secretary of Integrated Tribal Shining Society (ITSS) as well as Present Executive Members as Board of Office Bearers.

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The ITSS, NGO most welcome to all Youths and senior citizen to participate on "Multi Cultural Activities on the theme of National Integration" on 23th to 25th April, 2015 at Chaiduar Collage Playground, Gohpur Town ,Sonitpur, Assam | Sponsored by Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, New Delhi | Please kindly Download Programme Schedule

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ITSS Child School

123 and ABC learning step

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Rural Child School

ITSS-NGO was established on 23rd December 2012 a "Rural Child School" at Village of Dharampur Majline Gaon, P.O.: Gohpur district of Sonitpur, Assam, where the Property below families (BPL) children should be take learning step of ABC and 123 for Free, up to class I to V only at present. Since the ITSS-NGO has been taken more than 80 no. children's under the poor families,we have collected 45 no. boys, age below 12 years and 35 no. girls, age below 10 years. All students are belong ST and come from Property below Families (BPL) and very backward rural areas.

JLG & SHG Create

ITSS SHG Create & Promotion

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JLG & SHG Create

ITSS-NGO has been able to form about 400 Self-Help Groups spread over some 160 villages. In some places has been able to involve NGOs in this task. But in several places NGOs with the requisite capability are not available. i the grassroots level consultants have been employed on short-term basis to form and nurture S.H.G. However, in the long run, the project will have to build up its own capabilities to implement this component. The cadre of Link Workers, available in project villages, is one section that, with proper training, can take up the activity.


Integrated Tribal Development (Backward) with S.C. Communication & Eradication of Rural Poverty from Country.

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To organize the people of the area fewer than one roof and thereby try to work together for development of the area in all respect.

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Joining hands with other Partnership System in various Development Schemes under process to promote and achieve equality, justice & peace for society

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To work with people and their communities as partner bring change & New Generation standard living among the society with attitude.

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Past Year Objectives

To organize the people of the area fewer than one roof and thereby try to work together for development of the area in all respect.To look after for development of all roads, land, bye-land, supply of pure drinking water, proper electrification etc. in the rural or urban area.


Coming Year Goals

Integrated Tribal Development (Backward) with S.C. Communication & Eradication of Rural Poverty from Country

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Geographical focus of activity

Rural and Urban

Area of Operations

All Over Assam as well as All over Assam

Official Logo

Legal Name of Organisation

Integrated Tribal Shining Society (ITSS)

Year of Establishment

22 March 2009 and Regd. on 22 Jun 2010 under Society Act. XXI 0f 1860, Govt. of Assam, Regd. No. RS/SPR/242/D/26/2010-11

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Audit Report-2010-2011

Income: 1,46,580.00

Expenditure :146580.00

Receipt :1,47,830.00

Payment :1,47,830.00

Balancesheet :31,894.00

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Audit Report-2011-2012

Income: 2,74,709.00

Expenditure :2,74,709.00

Receipt :2,91,194.00

Payment :2,91,194.00

Balancesheet :69,081.00

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Audit Report-2012-2013

Income: 2,22,730.00

Expenditure :2,22,730.00

Receipt :2,82,943.00

Payment :2,82,943.00

Balancesheet :69,763.00

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Audit Report-2013-2014

Income: 1,40,204.00

Expenditure :1,40,204.00

Receipt :2,03,986.00

Payment :2,03,986.00

Balancesheet :72,719.00

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Chief Functionary

Sri Priya Kumar Deuri

Since 2009 to Present




Mr. Madhav Borah

Since 2011 to Present


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Dr Sankarjyoti Kutum

Since 2015 to Present


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Asst. Secretary

Mr. Nitin Ronghang

Since 2011 to Present


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